Limited Access Festival 7

Ten years ago, a small project space in Tehran called Parkin gallery, had founded an independent festival for video, sound, and performance: Limited Access since 2007 have featured many prominent and upcoming artists from Iran and the world. The festival invites guest curators and collaborates with various institutions and archives in Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Cairo, Ljubljana, Paris, Toronto, San Francisco, Vienna, Montreal, Brussels, The Hague & Dublin in the past years to fulfill its mission to reduce the gap between various field and promote interdisciplinary practices. Limited Access 7, is organized by Parkingallery Projects in collaboration with Aaran art gallery, Rooberoo Mansion, Polish embassy in Tehran and New Media Society.

Leonie Roessler has curated a concert event for the Limited Access Festival 7, Tehran, Iran. This programme is called “From Here to There” with works by Siamak Anvari Tomer Baruch Sjoerd Juxta Cedrik Fermont, Barbara Ellison ,Francisco Lopez, Marco Molteni ,So Oishi, and Leonie Roessler. There will be a concert event and then an ongoing headphone installation.