HEROPERA is an improvised, ‘ad-lib’ performance deconstructing the concept of opera and challenging traditional ideas about heroism and storytelling. Sparked by speculative fiction and rooted in various disciplines, TRICKSTER plays around with the cultural and visual codes of opera, practising the relational, the messy, the spontaneous, the unpredictable. Instead of tragic heroines who sacrifice or annihilate themselves, this opera stages five women who can conjure up something on the spot, and are not afraid of not knowing (yet). Non-heroism and the unseen therefore also earn their spot in this collective ‘work’ (operare). While venturing into a post-normal future, all TRICKSTERs are collaboratively and simultaneously the actors, singers, writers, scenographers, composers and technicians of this show….. a futuristic operatic drama intertwined with inconceivable aria’s by both human-like computer voices and computer-like human singers

'HEROpera is a waving clash opera with intergalactic fembots, soundboms and snippets of cultural codes. This futuristic ~ stream of consciousness ~ experiment gets you into trance, makes you sweat and makes you laugh.It’s crazy, bold, reckless, stirring, and shiny at the same time. Trickster plays with the boundaries of opera, sound, language, gender, technology, human kind and whatnot. Through their stereotype mix up, language mash up and mind twisted ad hoc performances you experience a whole new set of aria’s! Don’t mis out on the beautiful space desert projections and sparkling costumes. It’s fun, it’s fem, it’s 5 of them!'
Maaike Bol


Neil Lowe – our Sonic Mmabolela ‘adventurous home cook’ never fails to weave his culinary magic for our residency and we loooooove him (and his delicious creations:)) These pictures will give an impression as to just how awesome he and his food is (and by the way, it’s just one of his many talents…)