Sonic Phantoms Book Reviews

"Sonic Phantoms channels the spirits of those artists and theorists who have long understood the instability of our relation to the world while providing its readers with an intensely personal insight into a compositional practice that seeks to enable in others a different form of knowing and being in the world. A vital reminder for our post-truth times that we are active agents in the production of the strange hinterland that lies beyond and between us, and of the critical role of art as an interventionist act."
Greg Hainge
Professor of French, The University of Queensland, Australia, and author of Philippe Grandrieux: Sonic Cinema (Bloomsbury, 2017)
"Sonic Phantoms is full of wonders, describing research and practical matters of great breadth and depth across time and culture. Like one of the sources quoted, the work itself is 'radically inclusive and universalizing,' and a pleasure to read: the book is written in sensible language without compromising scientific accuracy and practical psychological reality. In this book, the 'perceptive' ear finds resources, examples, philosophical techniques, and compositional strategies, discoursing on the real illusions of human perception as it relates to our natural and aesthetic interactions with the world."
Michael Lee Gendreau
Acoustician and Composer, USA
"In plural voices and with great eloquence, the book takes us on a high-speed trip through the hallucinatory landscape of sonic works, revealing the phantasmic potential and intent of music and its listening, and conjuring from locked grooves, loops, and repetitions the composer as 'revealer of new worlds."
Salomé Voegelin
Professor of Sound, London College of Communication, UAL, UK, and author of The Political Possibility of Sound (Bloomsbury, 2018)