SUPER-SENSOR . audio --- video –-- text –-- image –-- code --- hybrids
e-magazine of/on/around experimental audio & related
Edited/Curated by Francisco López
Published by SONM - Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art
& Puertas de Castilla Center (Murcia, Spain)


‘SUPER-SENSOR’ is a non-profit curated electronic magazine of/on/around experimental music, noise, sound art and related areas and practices. Here, ‘magazine’ is understood in a very wide sense, like the original etymological generic container of different goods. You can think of it as a free crossbreed combination of audio compilation, essay collection, film/video anthology, etc. Any creative content that comes in a readable digital file can be submitted. Maximizing ease of access/readability is a must: the most universal/available the file format, the better (e.g., .wav for audio, .pdf for text & graphics, VLC-playable for video…). Each contributing artist/author will have his/her own separate folder in the e-magazine and it might contain files of different types of contents and formats.The e-magazine is published in both online and physical versions. The physical version is not printed or pressed/burnt on disc, but comes in a USB flat memory card, containing all kinds of digital formats: audio, video, text, code… (contributing artists/authors receives copies of this physical edition as royalties). Digital contents are published exactly as submitted by the contributing artists/authors, without any editing or formatting, including their original resolution, in the physical edition (the online version has different compressions, according to streaming needs).