POST SCRIPTUM is a new 3CD release from the Institute of Sonology, featuring music by Sonology faculty members past and present: Richard Barrett, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Gabriel Paiuk, Jaap Vink,Joel Ryan, Marie Guilleray, Johan van Kreij, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Kees Tazelaar, Paul Berg, Barbara Ellison, Raviv Ganchrow, Justin Bennett and Konrad Boehmer, featuring electronic compositions and performances by Milana Zaric, Teodora Stepančić, Ekkehard Windrich, Evan Parker and the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble.

Korzo will host The Night of the Second Hague School, and the entire theatre will be given over to dozens of musicians, performers and ensembles, performing in every nook and cranny, including the loading bays, concert halls, rehearsal studios and even in the office spaces. Underwater Phantoms installation – will be screened during this festival. Thanks Christian Karlsen!!!   Alejandro Castaños – Post Kate Moore – The Art of Levitation Kate Moore – Klepsydra Kate Moore – Days and Nature Oscar Bettison – O Death Hugo…Continue Reading “The Night of the Second The Hague School”